How to


Note: We are currently not accepting apparel donations. We are, however, accepting sponsorship and volunteering applications. Thank you for understanding! 

 What to Donate 

Shirts, pants, jackets, sweatshirts, and hoodies of all sizes, colors, and brands can be donated!

Shirtable boxes serve as a safe, convenient, and efficient way for generous donors to drop of apparel items in various places

Shirtable boxes can be found on school campuses, near parks, or infront of stores!

Note: Currently not accepting. 


Shirtable is able to send youth volunteer drivers to pick your apparel from your house, or we are able to ship them from you to us! 

Doorstep pickup is a safe and effective way of donating apparel at speed

Note: Currently not accepting. 

Doorstep Pickup

Shirtable is looking for generous companies and organizations to donate company-branded apparel in bulk.

By donating in bulk, Shirtable is able to connect families in dire need with a more adequate supply of clothing at speed!

how to sponsor

At Shirtable, you can apply to become a youth driver, a part of the demand outreach or publicity team, or you can become an ambassador!

Volunteering at Shirtable is a fun and engaging way to gain volunteering experience, hours, and motivation